Thursday, September 20, 2012

Add Your White Bridesmaid Dresses with Color Accents

Nowadays, many brides would like to choose a set of identical white bridesmaid dresses for their young maids. Timeless little white dress seems suitable for every type of figure and every bridal style. The most important is that it won’t influence the visual effect of the pure white wedding theme.

This is a smart choice. But many bridesmaids are not so willing to wear the identical white bridesmaid dresses. In their opinions, wearing the same white dresses lacks of personalities. They want something special and individual. This problem really confuses a lot of brides. However, some smart brides offer their good solutions. 

white bridesmaid dresses
Look at this picture. Although the young bridesmaids wear the identical little white dresses, they still look special and unique. That’s because of their colorful shoes. Each of them wears a pair of colored heels. Blue, red, pink, green, yellow, purple, everyone’s color is different to each other. Collocated with differently colored shoes, these girls display their own personalities despite of the identical white bridesmaid dresses.

Chiffon Jewel Column Short Bridesmaid Dress
Chiffon Jewel Column Short Bridesmaid Dress
colorful bridesmaid dress sashes
Similarly, you could also add your identical white bridesmaid dresses with rainbow color accents, such as colored handmade flowers, colored sashes, colored bows, or even colored bouquets. For example, you may ask some dress stores to customize a set of identical white bridesmaid dresses, but add each of them with a delicate sash with different color. Thus, your bridesmaid queue must be unified and unique!

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