Tuesday, August 7, 2012

How to Unify Diverse Bridesmaid Dresses

How many bridesmaids have you invited for your special day? I believe choosing bridesmaid dresses must become a very nerve-wracking problem for you. You young maids must have their own tastes on dress style. Someone may like princess A-line, while the others prefer sexy sheath. Sweet girls want romantic pink, and mature ones yearn for blue. If every bridesmaid picks the dress she wants most, how will you unify these diverse bridesmaid dresses? Don’t worry. I will help you.

unified bridesmaid queue

unified bridesmaid queue
Do not neglect the importance of the bouquets that the bridesmaids hold. These bouquets will create a unified look for your bridesmaid queue. If every young maid holds an identical bouquet in her hands, they will make up a quite unified appearance, although they dress in different dresses.

white bridesmaid dresses with black sashes
White Bridesmaid Dresses with Black Sashes
If your bridesmaids choose the dresses in the similar colors but quite different styles and designs, you may offer them identical sashes to unify their looks. Despite of the differences in styles, others can also easily distinguish them with the identical sashes.

unified bridesmaid queue
Perhaps, you may give each of your lovely maids an identical iconic embellishment, such as a flower brooch. Or, you may tie everyone’s hand with a ribbon or anything else. If so, their bridesmaid position can also be indicated. The whole bridesmaid queue looks also very unified and wonderful.

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