Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Pure White Bridesmaid Dresses

On August 6, the female star Rose Byrne wore a white pleated dress to be a bridesmaid at the wedding of her friend Krew Boylan in Sydney. 
white bridesmaid dress
Nowadays, brides not only like to wear white wedding dress themselves but also would like to choose a series of white bridesmaid dresses for their young brides to display the pure white theme. This trend got to the climax when Pippa Middleton was radiant in her white Alexander McQueen bridesmaid dress for the royal wedding of Prince William. 
Pippa Middleton at the royal wedding
Every girl yearns for the purity of white, so your bridesmaids won’t refuse the temptation of pure white bridesmaid dresses. What’s more white bridesmaid dresses are suitable for any bridal style. No matter whether it is a formal royal wedding or a casual party wedding, white bridesmaid dresses never get wrong. Even if you have decided to hold a color-themed wedding, you could also choose white bridesmaid dresses. 
white bridesmaid dresses
Someone may think white bridesmaid dresses would steal the thunder of the white bridal gown. This would not happen as long as you make a clever arrangement. For example, if the bride wears a floor length wedding dress with chic chapel train, the bridesmaids may choose to wear little white dresses with short skirts. If both the white bridal gown and the white bridesmaid dresses are short in length, the bride may smartly wear a sacred wedding veil to stand out from the queue.
Look! How wonderful and attractive such an unified white queue is!
white bridesmaid dresses

white bridesmaid dresses


  1. I love this shot of bridesmaids … all dressed in white. But, not to be confused with the bride herself, these bridesmaids are all in different styles, a short hem, pretty woven shawls, and lots of lace. If bridesmaids were to wear white, the bride would want to differentiate her dress enough, to stand out – think long white dress, sans lace, etc.
    So tell me, would you want your bridesmaids to wear white on your wedding day? Are these bridesmaids dresses different enough to get a pass?

  2. Hi can you please tell me the source of the bottom photograph? The maids in the short tube tops...I would love to see more photos from that wedding as my wedding dress is very similar and I would love to see what she did. THANKS!