Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Choosing Bridesmaid Dresses for Your Red Wedding

Red symbolizes jubilancy in china. So, it is always applied as the color theme in Chinese wedding. However, in western countries, people pursue pure white in their sacred weddings. Have seen so many pure white weddings, do you want to try something new on your special day? If so, why not have a try of Chinese red wedding, experiencing the exotic custom?
I believe you must think it is quite strange to wear an unusual red wedding dress. If you insist the pure white wedding dress, your red wedding theme can also be served by your young maids. A unified look of red bridesmaid dresses can also reflect the red theme perfectly.

red bridesmaid dresses
You may pick a set of identical red bridesmaid dresses for your bridesmaids. Thus, the bridesmaid queue will be absolutely unified. 

red bridesmaid dresses

red bridesmaid dresses
However, you bridesmaids must have different heights and different bodies, which means a dress may be quite suitable to flatter one figure, but may not be so proper for the second. For example, a short bridesmaid dress is perfect for a tall and slender girl to display her slim legs, while it is not suitable for those who do not have nice legs. Considering of this, you’d better to choose a range of red bridesmaid dresses with different lengths. Of cause, to ensure the unified look, the designs on the dresses had better be the same.

red bridesmaid dresses
Perhaps, you bridesmaids call for personalities. If so, you’d better not choose the identical dresses for them. You may choose a collection of dresses which are similar in designs, silhouettes, and fabrics, but have some differences in details, like the neckline, the embellishments, and so on. Or, you may ask them to choose from a set of bridesmaid dresses in the red color scheme. They pick the specific color they want, like fuchsia, pink, watermelon, etc. Such a way will not only ensure a unified look for your bridesmaid queue, but also preserve the individual personalities.

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