Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Matching Bridesmaid Dresses Different in Length

It is quite easy to find a suitable bridesmaid dress for only one bridesmaid. But, this will get different if you invite several girls as your bridesmaids. You should arrange for a unifying look for your bridesmaid queue. Color preference, style, and figure type should be all taken into consideration, when you are selecting dresses for your young maids.
In order to get a unifying look, many brides choose the identical dresses for their bridesmaids. However, your bridesmaids have different body types. Some of them may be tall, while others are short. You cannot make it sure that the identical dresses are suitable for everyone. There is a smart idea to solve this problem, that is, choosing matching bridesmaid dresses with different lengths.
Agreement on both style and color can also preserve individualities. You may make a decision on the color and style of the bridesmaid dresses according to the wedding theme. Your bridesmaids could pick the specific lengths that flatter their body types. Those with nice legs may choose a short one to give a sexy show of the slim legs. Those who have fleshy legs can select a floor length one to express elegance and grace. The others may pick a tea length one, shaping a comfortable, modern and stylish appearance. It still looks harmonious although some are in full length skirts while others in short mini dresses.

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