Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Matching Bridesmaid Dresses in Color

Nowadays, more and more couples like to use color as the theme of their wedding. Then, the wedding dresses should of cause coordinate with the color theme. However, some brides insist to wear a pure white wedding dress. In order to match the wedding theme, the wedding planner has to ask bridesmaids to wear in the same color with the theme. But, every girl wants to be special. They also want to wear a dress which reflects their own personalities, although they are not the focused bride. So, they refuse to dress in the identical bridesmaid dresses. This is really a difficulty.

green bridesmaid dresses

navy blue bridesmaid dresses

Now, this problem can be solved easily by matching bridesmaid dresses in color. That means the bride decides the color of the bridesmaid dresses according to the theme of the wedding, while it is the turn of the bridesmaid themselves to pick the specific dress they like. They can choose the neckline, the silhouette, and the detailed embellishments as much as they like. Those who have slim legs may select a short one. Those who are confident in their slender figures may choose a close-fitting sheath one. All of them can do as their wishes, as long as their dresses are accordant in color. 

fuchsia bridesmaid dresses
With a set of matching bridesmaid dress in color, even if you want to hold a purple or a fuchsia wedding, your related wedding dresses can match well with the theme.

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